Speed up your creative process

  • Our AI engine understands the input and creates the ideal output based on the medium and orientation (print/digital/outdoor)
  • Do in seconds what takes hours (request+doing+turnaround time)
  • Decentralize file creation, access and download
Custom fonts & color palette
  • Only ‘Brand Guideline’ approved fonts and colors made available through the platform
  • Ensure usage is ‘on brand’, avoid ‘correction’ hassles
Workflow Management
  • Control the workflow with our commenting, sharing and workflow approval features
  • Files become downloadable only on final approval
  • Pinpoint exactly where you need a change made
  • Share with team or customer (view/edit/comment)
  • Avoid misunderstandings typical of feedback through whatsapp, email, phone calls
Team Management
  • Manage adding / removing users into the team
  • Admins can also add additional images, fonts, colors, templates
  • For larger organizations we also offer a ‘super admin’ feature
Multiple Language Translations
  • Leveraging the Google API, translate between over 100 different global languages
Asset-locking & Media Library
  • Control what can and cannot be moved or edited within a template
  • Be assured that design assets are 100% on brand
  • Set the image and logo bank that users can access
  • Restrict or allow any external images based on your use case
Free Stock Photos & Icons
  • Over 1 million free stock photos and icons available
  • Feature can be enabled or disabled as needed
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